Welcome to Explications, my personal lecture hall to explain glitches and mechanics in as much excruciatingly pointless detail as I'd like. And no one can stop me. My goal is both to teach and to learn, and maybe provide a little bit of humor. In these posts, I plan to strip games (mostly A Link to the Past) down to their individual CPU operations in an attempt to pinpoint the what, where, why, and how of these bugs. Sometimes I'll take a jab at the original developers just to get in the who.

I want these to be accessible, so I will mostly aim to use terminology that anyone familiar enough with the game should understand. Where I can't help but get technical, I'll either explain what I'm talking about or add a new term to one of my glossaries. But in the end, I am writing these for myself, simply because it's something I like doing.

What I've covered


Sometimes I make tables, either for an Explication or as a standalone.

TODO list