The Gauntlet

Deep below the mantle of Hyrule lies a wicked dungeon known as the Cubicles of Futaba. The curse of this place is such that its chambers are unnavigably random. After 5612 years, the malison within has begun seeping out onto the surface world. Your only chance at survival is fighting your way through as many floors as you can and hoping it works out.

Unlike standard Legend of Zelda games and hacks thereof, The Gauntlet has no fixed dungeons. Each room is random, as are the enemies and items within. Your plunge begins with only the fighter sword, but you will find more equipment as you progress. At the same time, the number and strength of the enemies you fight will increase as you fight your way deeper.

Your crawl ends when you die or reach the final room, after which, you may begin a new game that will be completely different from the last.


This hack is currently in public beta. It may be downloaded by clicking here. The patch should be applied over a JP1.0 ROM file.


The standard file select screen is replaced with an options screen where you can customize the nature of your next attempt.

Details of note

Some things had to be changed to improve the general experience of the game, but these are mostly minor.



New items